Working on any fun stuff?

“Working on any fun stuff?”

I love this question, often asked by friends in the business.  It’s code for “really fun stuff”…not necessarily big or expensive or flashy.  Translation:  “Are you working on any interesting, challenging, cool stuff that inspires you and that you’re really proud of and want to talk about?”

I also love it when I’m able to say, “Well, as a matter of fact…”  I’m afraid I see way too much out there on the web and in magazines that looks like someone is trying really too hard.  To be different, to be outlandish, to be loud, these are not the central purposes of good design.

Truism:  My best work is done with my best clients. (They have taste, listen, react, push back, relent, compromise, trust)  More pictures to follow on this “Fun” project…

IMG_1238 IMG_1242


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